Best Things To Do in Singapore

Best Things To Do in Singapore

The world is full of wonderful and captivating places; each country offers both prominent and unpopular landmarks and areas all waiting for their beauty to be shed into the public. And to discover these places is one of many reasons why people travel. Traveling is an activity involving the movement of people from one place into another. This is also a simple escape from all the stress of reality and a good reason to relax and unwind. Right now, there are millions of people traveling to different places with each of them having their respective purposes and motives. And to be specific, Singapore is one of the places that people usually visit.

Together with the city’s expanding technology, the security and accommodation of both visiting people and locals can maintain by their government because of the redundant institutions that offer travel insurance services like HL Assurance Singapore. This list of Best Travel Insurance Singapore has help people during their emergencies and other travel-related concerns.

And to have more ideas regarding the beauty and service the city could offer, compiled below are some of the best things to do in Singapore.

Visit the city’s iconic landmarks

Singapore is full of astonishing grounds and areas. And to be specific, the Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, and Marina Bay Sands are just some of the most iconic places the city could ever give. Surely, people would be captivated by the uniqueness the mentioned places could give.

The Gardens by the Bays can easily be located at the Central Region because of its giant flora-like infrastructures. This has various water park gardens equally disseminated within the vicinity and has the largest greenhouse structure that’s mainly made of high-quality glass. On the other hand, Marina bay Sands is known to be the most famous attraction in the area. This is a resort integrated to accommodate people who wish to visit their huge atrium casino, Crystal Pavilions, art-science exhibits, theaters, restaurants, theaters, and thousand hotel rooms. Also, the place was recorded to be the most expensive casino property with a total cost of $5.88 billion. Lastly, Merlion Park became famous because of its Merlion statue that’s located at the park’s center. Because of its popularity, the government has made the mythical creature the main mascot and national symbol of the city.

Stay at the Raffles Hotel

Despite the city’s emerging technology, Raffles Hotel still able to maintain and preserved its colonial appearance. Although upgrades and few developments were established by the hotel to accommodate luxury to the clients, the owners choose to maintain the building’s old style. This was built by Sarkies Brothers during 1887 and was named after Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. Right now, this is managed by AccorHotels and takes the flagship property of the Raffles Hotels & Resorts.

Famous for its signature cocktail, the hotel also offers more features such as tropical gardens, illustrious history, boutiques, and a long bar. Visitors are also recommended to dress formally and smartly as they will also be accommodated by smartly-dressed Sikh servers.

Shop at Haji Lane and Orchard Road

When traveling to other places, people got the need to buy souvenirs to commemorate their precious time there. And thankfully, Singapore has a lot of places to shop these things like Haji Lane and Orchard Road.

Haji Lane is a narrow street full of independent sellers and designers and is lined with shophouses that are prehistoric in design. This Kampong Glam is a great place to find affordable souvenirs and look for traditional entities because this place has a lot of local and foreign cafes, quirky shops, boutiques, and homey which showcase the creations of independent, hip and international designers. It was recorded to be visited by a lot of young people over the years because it has a collision of modern and traditional appearance that brings a unique vibe.And contradicting to Haji Lane, Orchard Road is placed along a major long road at the center of Singapore. This upscale shopping area is lined with tons of local and international well-known coffeehouses, restaurants, and department stores. Thus, for people who wish to buy expensive things and try the luxurious lifestyle of the city’s society, then this shopping street would be a great place to visit.


Indeed, Singapore is one of the greatest treasures in Southeast Asia. The country has accommodated people who seek to have vacation, recreation, discovery, and relaxation even for a short period. Thankfully, with the presence of Best Travel Insurance Singapore like HL Assurance Singaporethe governing leaders of the place can provide services for emergencies and maintain the public’s health and safety. This has added value to the expanding and growing city’s industry in the field of tourism, business, and marketing.