10 Reasons to See Top Places to Visit in Paro Bhutan

Top Places to Visit in Paro Bhutan

Bhutan is a picturesque country situated in the eastern region of the Himalayas Mountains. This country is somewhat different from others due to a multitude of reasons. Nestled deep within the towering Himalayan mountains, the “land of the Thunder Dragon” happens to be one of the countries least visited by tourists. Due to this scarcity of tourism, Bhutan remains a pristine, well preserved, and less-congested destination. This country has more monks in their monasteries than soldiers in their villages. The nation is one of the only places in the world to have a positive carbon footprint, so you can be sure to enjoy the crisp, clean air along with the cold temperatures.

Further, the happiness index in Bhutan is considered of greater importance than the country’s GDP. The people here are simple, hardworking folk with eternal love for their monarchy. It is home to some of the best hiking trails, along with splendid cuisine and culture. Its main religion is Buddhism; tradition and mysticism find an extraordinary place in Bhutanese culture, suffusing its magnificent art and architecture. 

Why Is Paro Special?

The beautiful, historic town of Paro is one of the chief attractions in Bhutan. It is situated deep in the centre of a rich valley, replete with ancient’s sites and sacred buildings. Paro is a highly picturesque location and a must-visit for all travel enthusiasts who arrive at Bhutan. Given below are ten reasons why you should make Paro a part of your following travel plans:

  • Scenic Beauty: Paro has unmatched scenic beauty. It is the perfect place to enjoy pristine Himalayan scenery. With its paddy fields decorated in terrace farming, its beautifully colourful and quaint farmhouses abundant everywhere in the lower valley, its towering coniferous forests through which the splendid Paro Chhu River undulates, you will undoubtedly be astonished at the beauty of Paro.
  • Ancient Monasteries: Bhutan is a primarily Buddhist country. It is very proud of their Buddhist heritage, a fact that is clear to anyone who visits the austere monasteries and splendid temples in Paro. Paro’s most famous temple is undoubtedly the Takhtsang Lakhang, also known as the Tiger’s Nest. It is nestled high up in the Himalayan cliffs at the northern edge of the valley. The pilgrimage to this site, although rather challenging, attracts many people each year. Paro is also home to Bhutan’s National Museum, which has an astonishing collection of Bhutanese artifacts and art pieces on display. 
  • Architectural Splendor: Apart from temples and monasteries, Bhutan also has many architectural marvels to visit. For instance, Drukgyel Dzong is an old, ruined fortress that the rulers built in the 16th century to celebrate their victory over Tibetan forces that had invaded the land. Kyichu Lhakhang is one of the most ancient monasteries present in Bhutan, making it the perfect tourist attraction thanks to its marvelous design and architecture. 
  • Climate: Paro is the perfect place to visit to enjoy the Himalayan climate. The climate here is anywhere between 11-27 degrees Celsius during the summer months (from May to September) and anywhere between -5 to 19 degrees Celsius during the winter months (from October to April).
  • Adventure: Paro is home to some of the most challenging treks and hiking trails globally, which is bound to be the perfect attraction for all those who enjoy vigorous outdoor exercise. The Himalayas add a sense of danger which will undoubtedly appeal to all adrenaline junkies. Hiking, rafting, trekking, kayaking, white water rafting and stargazing are only some of its activities. Apart from being one of the most challenging trekking trails globally, the Snowman trek also happens to be one of the highest, hence promising a spectacular panoramic view of the Himalayas.
  • The Airport: Bhutan’s only international airport is present in Paro. Very few pilots have clearance to land here since the airport consists of a single runway nestled between two tall hills. A large amount of aviation skill is required to stick the landing, but it’s certainly worth the experience when you travel to Bhutan from Singapore.
  • Culture: Paro is home to traditional Bhutanese culture; all the residents wear their traditional clothes proudly, and you will undoubtedly be endeared by the customs and rituals of this city. 
  • Cuisine: Traditional Bhutanese cuisine is unlike any other food in the world. Paro is home to some mouth-watering Bhutanese delicacies, such as the famous chili cheese dish you will find in every restaurant. Fast food options are limited in Paro, thus encouraging you to sample their warm, unique dishes.
  • People: The people at Paro are warm, humble, and hardworking individuals. They are friendly and quick to help tourists, and every resident has a few moments to share their stories with you. You are sure to adore the kind people in this quaint village.
  • Rejuvenation: The peace and quiet at Paro are unparalleled, making it the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday existence. The air is spotless thanks to the richness of flora in the area, and the food is healthy and tasty. Further, the people are amiable and welcoming, making it the perfect destination if you wish to improve your health and mental wellbeing.





Overall, Paro is a spectacular little town in Bhutan, home to some unique culture, cuisine, and climate. People are currently unaware of facts about Bhutan since the Bhutanese people like to keep to themselves. However, tourism is beginning to shed light on the richness and beauty of this reclusive place where the people are content. The environment is thriving, and the King is well-loved and respected in every household.

Paro is the perfect combination of scenic beauty and architectural marvels, making it attractive to nature lovers and seasoned travelers. It is the ideal destination for your next getaway to the hills; you are sure to come away rested, rejuvenated, thoroughly inspired, and with a truck full of invaluable experiences. All the detailed facts usually help you to travel correctly and enjoy the beauty of the place.